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Breach Protection

GSSC offers multiple apps to allow different users with different access to participate. The distributors are in a position to identify any diversion or breach of security and address it. Since geo-location is accessible during the scanning of products to verify authenticity, this is an added advantage to the serialized track and trace system

Custom Solution

The best thing about the GSSC’s solution is that you can customize it to suit the icon and apps aesthetics a well as the system functionality. Depending on your needs, GSSC can give you a simple or complex solution.If serialized track and trace integration is needed, it can also be provided. The solution can act as a marketing platform where it displays ads, videos, surveys, coupons as well as links to social media.

Distribution Data

Administrators benefit significantly from BrandMark's® backend system, which stores all the scans, map-based location and authenticity results. These help them to analyze activity levels, identify any compromises and see trends. This data is vital in assisting the administration in driving targeted marketing campaigns to specific users and geographical areas.