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BrandMark Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

% Loss To Conterfeiters
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Easy To Set Up

Our app is one of the easiest to access and operate, all one needs to do is log into the playstore or appstore and search for "BRANDMARK " once downloaded the app is ready for use.

Mobile Friendly

The application works seemlesly on smartphones with instant results. The application is available on both Android and the IOS Platforms.

No Data Needed

Our application doesn't need your phone to have active data bundle in order to authenticate a product. All you need to do is to scan the product and the results will be availed immediately.
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Counterfeiting in Africa is quite rampant and 90% of goods are either already counterfeited or under the
risk of being counterfeited. The local dailies have been abuzz with the counterfeiting problem.

BrandMark is an app that is easy to use, secure and is customizable. Designed with the user in
mind, the app can spot even the smartest counterfeit. It can be personalized for every brand while ensuring
the highest functionality.

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